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Cancer impacts the lives of so many. It affects individuals.

People are not islands, loved ones share the anguish. Everyone’s experiences are unique. Share a story in your words. Compassion is what makes us human.



This is the story of my relative Cam who was diagnosed with prostate cancer at age 55.

He has undergone surgery and 33 radiation treatments. I am sure he will be better in the future.

I have asked my team, the Prostate Paddlers, to dedicate our efforts at

the River City Festival to Cam’s fight with prostate cancer.

The Prostate Paddlers, focus is on promoting awareness of prostate cancer.

We need to keep this focus.

Any positive thoughts or prayers for Cam and his fight are appreciated. Roy


“Daddy’s Little Girl”

May 3, 2013

I love the sport of dragon boating. I paddle for those impacted by cancer and in honour of my Dad, Ken, who lived with prostate cancer for several years. He underwent surgery, radiation, and hormone therapy. When the cancer metastasized further, all he could do was watchfully wait. Dad was in his early 60s when he was diagnosed. I was completely ignorant about prostate cancer. I was fearful and panic stricken at the news since Dad was never sick. He was very “young at heart” and I counted on him to live forever. I was Daddy’s little girl. Even in my 30s, I was never too big to sit on his knee. I could talk to my Dad about anything... and I did so every single day.

We listened to Dad’s stories of the wonderful drivers who dropped him off and picked him up for his treatments. He told us of his inspiration and awe of others who underwent treatments for various types of cancer.

After Dad’s diagnosis, my brother, Earl, ensured Dad went on an extensive vitamin regime and we both attended “US Too” with our Dad. This was the first ever prostate cancer support group, which thanks to Norm Oman, has morphed into numerous support groups around the world.

Thankfully, there is significantly more knowledge about prostate cancer today! It not only affects more than 1 out of every 6 men, but also those who love them. The good news is Cancer can be beaten. Early detection can significantly increase survival rates.

Guys, please get yours checked. Ladies, encourage them to get checked.

Happy 85th Birthday Dad!

Your little girl always, Inga